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How do we book your service?

You can book by filling out our SECURE online reservation form CLICK HERE or calling us directly 1-907-350-6010 or toll free 1-888-257-8527 (from the US only). By booking online you will receive an e-mail confirmation in minutes, by booking over the phone it will take a few hours or the next business day, depending on how busy our reservation department is. You will need to call in your reservation if you are booking a private transfer or different price than what is showing up on the reservation system.

How do we pay?

We accept Visa and Master cards only, no American Express or Discover. This service is pre-paid, pre-booked in advance. We require 30% deposit on reservations larger than $250, if smaller we take the full balance at the time of booking. The remaining 70% is charged to your card within 30 days or less prior to your transfer date.

Do we have to book in advance?

This service is pre-paid, pre-booked in advance. We do have limited seating capacity and sometimes get sold out. Please plan your transfer in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

What is the difference between our narrated shuttle and our narrated tour?

Narrated shuttle and tour both take the same route, same narration, pick up at drop off at same locations, however the tour is a little bit longer as it stops at the Wildlife Conservation Center which is the most popular attraction on the way where you will see black bears, moose, caribou, bison, and other Alaskan animals in their natural setting. We highly recommend it as most people truly enjoy the view and animals and leave this place with a ton of photos. As time permits the tour also stops for photo opportunities.

What kind of buses do you use?

We are the ONLY company on the market that uses luxury motor coaches with RESTROOMS on board. We are thinking about your needs. You will never be able to enjoy the most beautiful scenery you can imagine if you have a restroom emergency! All of our vehicles are coach style buses with large windows, leg room, and luggage section in the back or under the bus and not inside the cabin. You can stand up in them and they have 1-2 steps for easy step up. For shared transfers and tours we use either our 30, or 50 passenger coaches depending on how many people have booked for that day. We are the only company on this market to offer modern, newer coaches unlike our competitors (please beware) for affordable price.

Besides the convenience of having a restroom on board, avoid tunnel wait times when getting to or from Whittier. Large coaches are the first ones to clear the tunnel unlike smaller buses.

I will be in Anchorage for a few hours before my flight and I would like to look around. Where can I store my luggage?

Visitors with a few hours or a full day to explore Anchorage can store their luggage (and fish) at the airport. Open 5 a.m. Ė 2 a.m., the storage area is located in the South (Domestic) Terminal of the Airport on the Lower (Arrivals) Level across from baggage claim. Telephone: (907) 248-0373.
Free luggage storage is also offered by the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, located near the airport.

Check with your cruise line directly to see if they can hold your luggage at their station in downtown Anchorage.
We recommend you visit downtown Anchorage prior to your flight as there are numerous gift shops, museums, restaurants, shopping malls. If you are visiting on Saturday and Sunday there is an outdoor market on 3rd Ave that is worthwhile visiting. More information about Anchorage activities can be found on 4th Ave at the Visitor Information Center Downtown Anchorage.

How far is your bus from the ship?

 We pick up and drop off directly at the cruise ship terminal, right next to the ship. You are a few steps away from the ship, you donít need to walk very far or get another transportation to get to the ship, we bring you directly to or from it.

Where do you pick us up, do you have a bus station?

Here is the complete list of places that we DONíT and DO pick up or drop off in Anchorage.

Anchorage pick up and drop off description:

We donít have a bus station because our passengers are cruise ship passengers and they all have a ton of luggage, so there is no way they can get to our station even if we had one. This is one of the best features of our service as most companies donít pick up or drop off their customers. We pick up and drop off at your location. We pick up and drop off at the Alaska Airlines gates (Anchorage airport is very small and most local airline check ins are next or close to Alaska Airlines check in). We pick up and drop off at most major hotels, car rentals or RV rentals located in midtown, downtown, or airport area. If you donít know your pick up or drop off location you can still book your transportation and then call or e-mail us when you book it to let us know your pick up or drop off location later.

Anchorage Airport drop off and pick up instructions:

If you are being picked up at the airport, please wait inside or right outside the terminal by the exit of the Alaska Airlines baggage claim #1 and look for a bus or someone holding a sign ďAlaska Cruise TransferĒ.

Anchorage Airport Car Rental drop off and pick up instructions:

We DO pick up and drop off at all the car rentals that are located at the airport. Drop off and pick up at the airport is at the south terminal, there is NO access for buses to the car rental offices. Anchorageís airport is very small and car rentals are located right next to the terminal. To get to the car rental offices from our drop off point at the airport you will need to go inside the same building, take elevator to the underground floor and the car rental offices are right in front of that. If you are being picked up at the airport, you will need to walk a few feet back to the south terminal. You can also leave someone from your party at our pick up or drop off location with all your luggage and then return or pick up your car and return to your party.

Whittier or Seward cruise ship dock pick up and drop off description:

When you are getting off or on the ship in Whittier or Seward, we pick up directly inside the cruise ship terminal by your luggage pick up location, the driver parks the bus and walks inside the terminal to find the people with the sign ďAlaska Cruise Transfer.Ē If you donít see that sign, just stay inside and wait for someone to show up. We drop you off directly in front of the cruise ship terminal by the luggage drop off point, after which you simply walk on to the ship.

There are no customs or immigration check points in Whittier or Seward.

 How do we find you when we get off the ship?

When you walk off the ship in Whittier or Seward, you walk into the cruise ship terminal, you will see your luggage and that is where we will meet you, at your luggage pick up. There will be someone with a sign ďAlaska Cruise TransfersĒ waiting for you inside. If you donít see anyone please wait there until they show up. If you go outside, you will get lost since there are a lot of buses, even from our company, and you will not know which one you are on.

Is there enough time for us to get off or on the ship with your schedule?

Yes, our schedule is coordinated with cruise line embarkation and disembarkation times and works best. We have never had people who could not get off or on the ship in time with our schedule. The ships run on a schedule and they are never late arriving to the port. They also disembark and embark at the same time so there will be no problem to get off or on the ship with our schedule since that is what we do Ė is provide transportation for cruise ship passengers. All of the people on the same bus are going on the same ship, departing at the same time since there is only one ship per day for each port.

Do we have senior or children rates or other discounts?

No, we donít have any special rates for any particular group or members of a group. Everyone is charged the same rate when they are taking a seat. If your child is small enough to be held on a lap, then it is free.

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